Zoadra J. Zorro

History with Books/Writing

I’m at the beginning of my professional writing career, but am hardly new at the act of writing. Discovering in middle school my affinity for writing, my earliest works were either for school or Pikmin Fanon. I quickly grew attached to sci fi and fantasy, reading and enjoying books such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, but in high school also appreciating less accessible works such as The Stranger by Albert Camus and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Today my favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Oscar Wilde, and Herman Melville. After a five-year break of not reading much, I bought a kindle, and read all of Moby Dick in a week. I’ve had mixed results in staying focused long enough to read for weeks at a time, but despite that I have a goal to read eighteen books in 2024. I am currently on book 3 as of 2/21/24.

I wrote different documents back in 2021-2023 but none ever made it to fruition. I lost a worldbuilding project to a hard drive failure and vowed to never let it happen again, so I now back up work thrice fold: via physical, via Google Drive, and via OneDrive. One short story draft still survives this period. Mirror Island. It is a sci fi set in the ’00s in an island in the Caribbean. Maybe one day I’ll flesh it out into a final draft, but for now, my eyes are on the prize.

The prize? To Manifest an Elegy. It is the name of my latest project, set in 1890s Nashville, TN. This historical fiction is genre-bending to say the least. It will be the mix of historical fiction, thriller, drama, and a certain special element that shall not be named until later on down the line. This project represents my biggest effort to make a novel work, and I am feeling inspired to work on it every day. A shout-out to the program Scrivener, this project wouldn’t be possible without it.

My Completed Works

In Progress:

To Manifest an Elegy – 5%

On Hold:

Mirror Island – 34%


None yet!

My Poetry

I have been writing poetry since middle school. I haven’t done it enough to be an expert, instead I am just scratching the surface. I will post some of my poetry here at some point. I keep a Poetry Journal, and I try to write as often as possible. In the hierarchy of importance, poetry is lowest. But that doesn’t mean I undervalue it or undermine the quality. I just get to it last usually.