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Hey, I’m Zoadra J Zorro. That’s my pen name. And my stage name is simply Zoadra. I’m from the muggy & swampy land of Florida. Here are some of the aliases I’ve gone by: Wraith, Aqua_wraith, Chronowraith, MochaWraith, Jellyman64, Peanut64, Thirdlvlproductions, Eclipse, and Wise Ostriches. I have decided to consolidate all of my accounts into one name: Zoadra. Zoadra has been my artist name on my Bandcamp page since about 2016. But I only recently decided I wanted a unified presence on the internet – one name to rule them all – Zoadra, as well as an expanded pen name – Zoadra Jameson Zorro…

I have diverse hobbies and interests, and a lot of free time. My main interests are technology, coffee, gaming, history, writing, reading, wikis, making digital art, and making electronic music.

When I was real young I worked on a Wikia site called Pikcannon-NOT, and it slowly transformed into the independent Pikmin Fanon wiki, a site for posting fan ideas about the Pikmin franchise of Nintendo games. I also started a site called Fanon Wiki, which is a site for posting fan ideas about any fictional universe or media franchise. These are in wiki formats, but are fanon, and not based on real information.

I spent a long time in college changing majors around and trying to find my calling. I graduated with an Associate’s in Arts from the College of Central Florida, and it was pretty much a liberal arts or general studies degree. I transferred to the University of Florida where I studied English Literature for several years, then switching to History. I am in a sort of hiatus from school, after having capricious-in-nature bouts of changing attitudes and goals again and again due to my mental illnesses, I never found the right path.

But in 2024 I feel the winds of change at my back, and I am developing discipline. I have a new plan for my well-being, and am taking steps to ensure I am getting back on track. My current goal is to finish my History degree at the University of Florida. Go Gators!

I’m 26 years old, and I am still living at home. Life hasn’t been kind to me, and I’ve had many many years of time either depressed, or anxious, or in some other kind of turmoil. Life with Bipolar I Disorder isn’t easy, and I have a few other diagnoses to complicate things. For 3 years I was on a medication that completely drained my creativity and passion, and I didn’t make any music nor write at all. I feel as if these things are a necessary risk, but I won’t stand for it sapping the spice away from my life. After going down on dosage of sedating medication, the EP Zoadra II is what came of my return to form.

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